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The Mini PC does not boot or freezes/loop at the first boot screen. What can I do?

In most cases this event occurs for a power failure of the device: 1) Make sure that the connectors are properly connected 2) Preferably use the original power supply 3) If you do not have the original power supply, ensure that the power supply has the necessary requirements (as an empirical test you can try to power an usb hdd to test the power supply)

What are the default username and password for GNU/Linux OS?

Default User: minipc - Password: minipcRoot User password: minipc (we recommend to change the passwords after first boot)

Can I connect the MiniPC to Internet via 3G network using Android or GNU / Linux?

It is possible for both operating systems through the use of a compatible USB 3G dongle.

How can I connect the MiniPCs to a computer or a tablet?

Our Mini PCs are computers in all respects so just connect them to a monitor or to a TV with HDMI input. Connecting to the monitor or the TV through the HDMI port you can use Android in the same way in which you could do by connecting the HDMI output of a tablet. In any case, you can still connect to our devices from another computer or tablet through the pre installed SSH protocol (under GNU/Linux) or by using any applications for remote control, such as VNC.

Your devices can be managed through the use of a remote control?

You can manage the Mini PC through a remote only for "MiniPC Box" versions. For all versions, you can still connect a mouse and keyboard. (in each case, check the "Package Contents" tab on the product page).

What is the MiniPCs power consumption?

A test on the dual-core model (with no USB devices connected) showed an average consumption of less than 4 watts, consumption also depend on the CPU load.

Can I use the virtual keyboard even under GNU/Linux?

The virtual keyboard is available on both Android and Linux (to be installed)

How to turn ON and OFF the MiniPCs?

For models without the power button, simply connect the power supply. To turn them off remove the power supply, if available it is better to use the shutdown from the operating system. For example, if it is powered through the USB port of your TV, turning off the TV also turns off the MiniPC. In any case, you can power it by connecting it to the wall outlet using a USB power adapter.

The power supply is included in the package?

Check the "Package Contents" tab on the product page.